The UK Unmarried Partner Visa

The UK Unmarried Partner Visa is a part of the UK’s family visa category, this visa allows long-term and serious partners of British citizens and people with settled status in the UK to join them in the country. The likelihood of receiving a positive decision for any unmarried partner visa is very much based on the individual circumstances of the applicant and their partner. 

When applying for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa as the partner of a British National or settled person in the UK, understanding and meeting the specific requirements is crucial for a successful application.

UK Unmarried Partner Visa Requirements:

Relationship Criteria:

   - Age and Meeting: Both applicants must be over 18 years old and have met in person.

   - Relationship Authenticity: You should be in a genuine and ongoing relationship.

   - Non-relatives: The applicants should not be closely related in a way that would prevent them from getting married or becoming civil partners in the UK.

   - Previous Marriages/Civil Partnerships: Any previous marriages or civil partnerships must have ended. This ensures neither party is still bound by another relationship.

   - Cohabitation: Proof of living together (cohabiting) for at least two years is required.

   - Future Plans: There should be a clear intent to live together permanently in the UK.

Financial Requirements:

   - Income Threshold: The combined gross annual income should be at least £18,600.

   - For Children: If you're applying with dependent children, an additional £3,800 is needed for the first child, and then £2,400 for each subsequent child.

   - Sources: This income can come from employment, self-employment, savings, or other legitimate means.

Evidence to prove Financial Requirements

  • Bank Statements: Regular statements from the past 6 months that clearly show your income and/or your partner's income. These statements should not have any discrepancies and should reflect the income mentioned in payslips or employment letters.
  • Payslips: Provide 6 months' worth of payslips for you and/or your partner. They should be consistent with the bank statements and other income documentation.
  • Employment Letter: A recent letter from the employer, dated and on official headed paper, detailing your employment status, job role, salary, and the length of employment.
  • For Children: Remember to provide the additional financial documentation for any dependent children you are applying for.
  • Savings: If you're using savings to meet the financial requirement, you should provide bank statements showing savings of over £62,500. It's essential that these funds have been in the account for at least six months and are immediately accessible.
  • Pension: Official documentation from the Department for Work and Pensions, an overseas pension authority, or a pension company that confirms the pension entitlement and its amount.
  • Investments: If you have other investments such as stocks, shares, bonds, or trust funds, you must provide official documentation confirming ownership and the cash value of these funds. These documents should clearly show the value of the funds at or before the beginning of the 6-month period leading up to the date of applicationTop of Form

English Language Proficiency

   - Language Test: Unless you're from a majority English-speaking country (e.g., USA, Australia), you'll need to take and pass an English language test focused on speaking and listening.

   - Proficiency Level: The test should be at a minimum of level A1 of the CEFR from an approved testing provider for initial application, and higher for extension of the visa.

   - Degree Exemption: If you've achieved a degree or academic qualification from a program taught in English recognized by Ecctis (formerly UK NARIC), this can fulfil the language requirement.

Adequate Accommodation

   - Space Requirement: Your living arrangement must not violate the UK's overcrowding standards. You must show that there's enough space for everyone coming to the UK on the application. The accommodation shouldn't become overcrowded because of the additional residents.

   - Proof: This can be demonstrated with rental agreements, mortgage statements, or letters from those providing accommodation.

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The UK Unmarried Partner Visa

The UK Unmarried Partner Visa

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