Want to start or continue living in the UK with your partner?

Establish your happy family life in the UK with your partner
Partner/Spouse Visa
Home in the UK
The Spouse visa leads to settlement in the UK from just 5 years
Family life
You have the flexibility to decide whether you would like to dedicate all your time to building your family or choosing to work as well

Successful career
You can choose to be employed, self-employed or set up your own company without seeking permission from Home Office
Priority processing
When applying while inside the UK you can receive priority decision just within 24 hours!

Hello, I am Alexandra - UK Immigration Lawyer and Co-Founder of the Emigral.

The bureaucracy of moving to another country for a long period of time is an issue in respect of almost any country, and the United Kingdom is no exception. There are many rules you need to follow and aspects you should keep in mind, so it is no surprise that this raises a lot of questions.

Based on years of expertise, we created a platform to answer all your questions and provide bespoke immigration advice and support with your visa application.
The Core statement of Emigral is that in the XXI century you no longer need an "old-fashined" immigration lawyer to submit a successful visa application. Together with a Sterling Law team of experienced immigration lawyers, we created a digital platform that helps our clients to achieve the same successful result in getting a UK visa with around 50% of saved money!
Alexandra Mokrova
Co-Founder, Immigration Lawyer

What is a UK Spouse Visa?

A visa is a document that grants you permission to stay in the United Kingdom. As in any country, there are multiple options available for staying and, therefore, multiple types of visas you can apply for. A spouse or a family visa (UK) is designed for couples who wish to live together in the United Kingdom.

This visa is not granted to foreign couples, meaning one of the partners has to be a citizen, permanent or long-term resident of the United Kingdom for their partner to apply for a UK spouse visa. Even though the basics are simple, there are still many aspects that you should keep in mind before applying.

It is also necessary to distinguish a spouse visa from an ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) document. Indefinite Leave to Remain for a spouse visa is only available after living for at least five years in the UK, which is often called the 5-year settlement route.
Alexandra Mokrova
Co-Founder, Immigration Lawyer

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How to Apply for a Spouse Visa?

The application process starts online. You will need to fill out the required forms and upload copies of all the required documents. The interface is quite intuitive, so it is only necessary to upload the right documents correctly. Alternatively, you can use our guidance packages which lead you through the application form completion and documents submission step by step. Once it is done, you will also need to visit an application centre to provide all the biometric data required.

Once you have uploaded the application and provided the biometric data, you will only need to wait. We will elaborate on the UK visa processing time in the following section, but for now, it is also important to know that there might be an interview required as well. Some applicants are invited to answer some questions regarding the stated relationship.

Alexandra Mokrova
Co-Founder, Immigration Lawyer
Why Emigral?

Emigral is a legal tech platform powered by artificial intelligence and backed-up by experienced immigration lawyers. It provides quicker and cheaper immigration advice and support then "traditional" immigration lawyers and law firms.

Benefits of Emigral vs "old-fashioned" immigration lawyer/law firm:

- you eliminate any possibility of the human error;

- you get responses instantly;

- AI algorithms are designed and daily reviewed by immigration lawyers so that legal advice given is correct and up to date;

- our advice is insured as any advice from a qualified immigration lawyer because it is provided on behalf of the regulated and insured immigration lawyers (Emigral is powered by Sterling Law, a Legal 500 Immigration law firm).

We are disrupting the immigration advice market and our aim is to free the market of inefficiencies of "traditional" immigration lawyers and law firms!

Small steps, Big results. It is all about us!
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