Global Talent Endorsement – Arts industry

Visa Type: Global talent – Arts

Challenge: proving that client’s talent is within the scope of Art accepted by the Arts Council England.

Outcome: Granted

Emigral was instructed to obtain an endorsement from the Arts Council. This client, a creative technologist and 3D motion designer, had a unique profile that was different from the traditional concept of an artist.

The primary challenge in this case was to convincingly demonstrate to the Arts Council that the client's work, though heavily rooted in technology and design, was indeed a form of art. The client’s artworks comprised algorithmic structures with ribbons of images that merged mechanical and digital elements, as well as analogue and physical aspects. A potential hurdle was the possibility of the Arts Council perceiving the client's work as leaning more towards 3D and graphic design rather than art.

To address this, or team built a case that emphasised the artistic nature of the client’s work. We structured the portfolio in such a way that it was highlighted that the client’s creations were not just technical showcases but were focused on designing and creating experiences and interactive installations. These installations explored the complex relationship between humans and technology, aiming to foster emotional intelligence. Moreover, the application strategically included details of various exhibitions where the client's work had been featured, as well as her talk at Tate Britain.

As a result of this carefully constructed and persuasive application, the Arts Council granted the endorsement. Following this success, Emigral obtained the client’s visa, providing her with the opportunity to further her career and perform her unique form of art.

Nelli Tesis