How to Check Your UK Visa Application Status

When planning your journey to the United Kingdom, obtaining a visa is a pivotal step. It's natural to wonder about the status of your visa application. The good news is that there are multiple ways to receive updates regarding the process, making it convenient for applicants.

Why Check Your UK Visa Application Status?

First and foremost, keeping track of your UK visa application ensures that the process is proceeding smoothly. It provides reassurance, especially in the case of a seamless application. However, it becomes even more crucial when there are hiccups along the way. In the event of an application denial, time is of the essence when considering an appeal.

Additionally, staying informed about your application status is essential for planning your trip to the UK. For instance, early notice of a potential delay can be beneficial for adjusting flight schedules or UK bookings.

What Information Do You Need to Check Your UK Visa Application Status?

To track the status of your UK visa application, you will need to provide specific details associated with your application. The necessary information includes:

Personal Information: Your first name, last name, passport number, date of birth, and nationality are needed to identify you.

Contact Information: Your email address and phone number are required for communication purposes.

Type of Visa: Specify the type of visa you've applied for.

Application Details: Include information about the application process, such as the application date, biometrics submission date, GWE reference number, and application reference number.

Immigration Health Surcharge Reference Number: This reference number helps track your health surcharge payment.

How to Check Your UK Visa Application Status

Outside the UK:

For those applying for UK visas from outside the United Kingdom, four main options are available:

VFS Global Website: The VFS Global website is a convenient tool to track your visa application status. The process involves selecting your application center's location, choosing the tracking feature, logging in with the required reference number and personal details, and viewing the status.

TLScontact Website: The TLScontact website is another option. After logging in on the official Home Office website and finding the document submission feature, users are redirected to the TLScontact site, where they can track their application status.

UKVI Website: The UKVI website operates differently. Users can use the General Enquiry feature to submit their details. After submission, they will receive a response from UKVI within up to five business days.

Contacting UKVI by Phone: The same service can be accessed via a telephone call to UKVI. Applicants provide the required details over the phone and await updates.

Inside the UK:

For those applying for visas within the UK, the process is similar to applications from outside the UK. You can track your application through the UKVI website or contact UKVI via phone.

Standard Processing Times for UK Visa Applications

The processing times for visa applications can vary significantly. Factors affecting processing times include the type of visa, application load for that specific visa type, the applicant's location, and more. You can find detailed information on processing times for various visas on the UK government website.