UK visa application fees: what to expect and how to save with Emigral

UK Visa fees are set by the Home Office, which is the government body responsible for Immigration and Visa applications. The cost of a UK visa application depends on several factors such as the type of visa, the length of stay and the processing time as some immigration routes can be considered as a priority within 5 days or even 24 hours if super priority service was available at the time of application.

Here are the examples of current Home Office fees:

  • Visitor visa for 6 months costs £100, for 2 years £376, for 5 years £670 and for 10 years £837
  • Student visa costs £363 from outside the UK or £490 to extend or switch to a Student visa from inside the UK
  • Spouse visa Home Office fee is currently £1538 for applications made outside the UK and £1048 for applications made inside the UK
  • Application for Indefinite leave to remain costs £2404
  • Naturalisation application Home Office fee is £1330
A full list of visas and Home Office fees can be found here.
The above-mentioned figures are just the Home Office application fees, additional fees should be paid under certain categories of visa such as Immigration Health Surcharge which is usually £624 per year, so if a person is applying for 5 years he pays £3,120 for IHS only.
It is important to note that priority and super priority services are not available for all applications and can be checked before submission. Priority service to get the decision within 5 working days costs an additional £500 and super-priority service to get the decision within 24 hours costs an extra £800.
Moreover, if you have a family member - partner and/or children under the age of 18, you may be able to bring them to the UK with you which incurs additional costs for their visa applications.
Certain visa application centres may offer added value service options such as flexible appointment time, prime time appointments outside business hours, assisted service to help with scanning and uploading documents and apply anywhere service which offers an opportunity to come to your location whether it is your residential address or business premises and collect the required set of documents and biometrics which can be quite pricey.
There are plenty of reasons why the Home Office visa fees are high. The fees are designed to cover the costs of the visa application process, including the cost of processing the application, conducting background checks or additional administrative work and making a decision on the application. They also reflect the UK government's policy objectives such as limiting migration to the UK. Furthermore, the cost of living in the UK is relatively high compared to other countries, and the UK government may see visa fees as a way to ensure that only those who can afford to live in the UK are granted visas. This is particularly true for visas that allow migrants to live and work in the UK, as the UK government wants to ensure that migrants are contributing to the UK economy and not relying on public funds.
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How to save money when applying for a UK visa or navigating the UK Immigration system, so here are some tips:

1. Book your consultation with an immigration lawyer, one hour of consultation can be a beneficial step to start with when considering immigration to the UK. An immigration lawyer can adequately analyse your circumstances, identify potential issues and provide guidance on the best course of action. An immigration lawyer can help you develop a strategy and choose a visa type to apply for. They can answer your questions related to Immigration and give you reassurance about your chances for success. Moreover, it can be time and money-saving as not knowing the right visa type and paying the wrong Home Office or any additional service fee may result in unnecessary costs that you could have avoided if consulted a reputable immigration lawyer.
2. Use online resources wisely. The idea behind Emigral digital platform was to ensure that our clients or potential customers get assistance with their matters immediately and for free. As we publish different articles answering the most frequently asked questions by our clients based on their extensive expertise and experience in our field. Dealing with hundreds of new, challenging and interesting cases on a daily basis, we are a trusted source offering credible and up-to-date advice.
We offer digitalized video guidance on how to complete and submit an application or document check services for people who do not want to pay a full instruction fee. Additionally, Emigral can help you save time by allowing you to access information at your own convenience at any time of the day no matter where you are located globally without the need to schedule an appointment or travel to our office. Personalized guidance to users based on their specific circumstances, helps to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of legal advice and services. An additional benefit of our digital platform is that we offer more transparency in the legal process by providing clear information on fees, timelines, and other important details related to legal services. Moreover, our digital platform can facilitate communication between clients and legal experts through online chat, video conferencing, or other digital means, making it easier to communicate and share information.
Secure data management is another key point as we offer secure data management and storage, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and confidential. 24/7 availability: A digital platform can be available 24/7, allowing users to access legal information and services at any time, regardless of their location or time zone.
In today's fast-paced and globalized world, having access to 24/7 service is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly true in the context of immigration law, where individuals and businesses may have urgent questions or needs related to visas, or other legal matters. Having access to a digital immigration law platform that is available 24/7 can provide clients with peace of mind. Whether they are dealing with a time-sensitive visa application, facing an unexpected legal challenge, or simply have questions about the immigration process. Moreover, 24/7 service can be particularly beneficial for clients located in different time zones or those with busy schedules, as they may not be able to access traditional legal services during regular business hours.
3. Do your research, although it is a time-consuming activity, sometimes this can help you to better understand and choose between a variety of Immigration options (study, work, join a family member)
Overall, Emigral can help you understand the UK visa application process, avoid mistakes, identify the best visa type, budget effectively, and seek professional guidance 24/7. By doing so, you can increase your chances of a successful visa application and save time and money in the process. As a result, Professional guidance can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the expenses involved in submitting a Home Office application and result in obtaining a much-wanted visa and moving to the UK.