Endorsement for Global Talent applicants

Are you a highly skilled professional ready to make your mark on the global stage? The UK's Global Talent Visa offers an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your expertise and contribute to the country's diverse industries. While the path may seem daunting, we're here to guide you through every step of the journey.

The most challenging aspect of the Global Talent Visa is the endorsement process. The UK's endorsing bodies thoroughly assess your talent, accomplishments, and potential to determine your eligibility. It's crucial to present a compelling case to secure the endorsement.

🔑 Key Components of Your Application:

1️⃣ A Portfolio of Excellence:
Gather a collection of 3 recommendation letters from renowned industry experts, showcasing your impact and influence in your field. Note that it is important that the referees know you for at least 12 months and be C level employees in digital tech companies.

2️⃣ Demonstrate Your Talent:
Provide 10 supporting documents that highlight your achievements, accolades, and contributions. This is your chance to shine and prove your talent to the endorsing body.

3️⃣ Craft a Convincing Statement:
Your personal motivation letter and CV should reflect your exceptional career trajectory and passion for your field.

🏅 Criteria and Recognition:

It's essential to choose the right criteria for your application. Whether you excel in innovation, research, or professional achievements, align your strengths with the endorsement requirements. You also need to understand what 2 criteria you will rely on when applying (innovation, contribution outside of the main job, high contribution to digital tech businesses, or contribution to the tech field through an academy, for example if you have a PhD or scientific publications)

🌟 PR:

Media recognition plays a pivotal role in your application. Publications, speaking engagements, and awards further solidify your reputation as a global talent.

📈 A Proven Track Record:

A track record of sustained excellence is highly valued. Demonstrate a history of impactful projects and contributions to solidify your chances of approval. Despite the limited number of documents that can be submitted - they want to see a track record, and not 1-2 examples of projects, conferences, etc. Work in prestigious companies like Google, Apple, Meta etc does not guarantee a visa. Moreover, we see from practice that the tech nation prefers the founders of their own projects.

💼 Emigral Success Stories:

At Emigral, we're proud of our success stories. We recently received approvals in record time for two cyber security professionals (less than 2 weeks). Currently we have a lot of applications from software developers, UX/UI designers and product managers in the process.

🌐 Ready to Make a Global Impact?

Unlock your potential and explore new horizons with the Global Talent Visa. Emigral's experienced team is here to guide and support you throughout the application process, making your journey to the UK smooth and successful.

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