Successful cases

Skilled worker+ Sponsor licence

Visa type: Skilled worker+ Sponsor licence

Challenge: No Sponsor licence, deadline, sponsoring company underwent re-branding
The client was inside the UK on a PBS-dependant visa as a dependant partner, however
unfortunately due to difficult relationship with his spouse they decided to separate. As their
relationship was about to break down permanently, he had to look for other options to be able
to stay in the UK. He works as a Supply Chain Manager for the notable Group of Companies.
We offered him a Skilled worker visa but later found out that his company does not have a
Sponsor license which challenged our case even more. It later came to our attention that the
Sponsoring company had underwent a re-branding exercise to align its name with new parent
company. As a result of change in direct ownership we had to provide additional documents
for not causing any doubt to the Home Office and successfully obtain the Sponsor licence for
our client’s employer.
The licence was granted within our expected timeframe and our client was then able to
successfully apply for Skilled worker visa and stay in the UK.