Exciting News for Construction and Fishing Industries and Skilled Worker Visa Applicants!

Starting from 7th August 2023, the UK's Shortage Occupation list is expanding to include several crucial roles in the construction and fishing sectors. This update brings fantastic opportunities for both employers and skilled workers looking to work in the UK.

The following roles will now be included in the Shortage Occupation list:

🔨 5312 Bricklayers and masons
🏠 5313 Roofers, roof tilers, and slaters
🪚 5315 Carpenters and joiners
🏗️ 5319 Construction and building trades not elsewhere classified
🏗️ 5321 Plasterers (includes dryliners)
🚜 5119 Agriculture and fishing trades not else classified
🎣 9119 Fishing and other elementary agriculture occupations not elsewhere classified

What does this mean for you? Well, if you are a skilled worker in any of these occupations, you can now benefit from lower salary requirements and reduced visa application fees when applying for a Skilled Worker visa. This is an excellent opportunity to secure a job in the UK and contribute your expertise to these industries facing labor shortages.

Moreover, there's more to the update! Starting in August 2023, the Skilled Worker and Global Business Mobility routes, among others, will now have a specific genuineness requirement. For each visa application, applicants must demonstrate that they genuinely intend and are capable of undertaking the role for which they have been sponsored. Additionally, they must ensure they do not intend to take on any unpermitted additional employment.

This genuineness requirement reinforces the UK's commitment to attracting highly skilled and dedicated professionals who genuinely want to contribute their talents to the country's growth and development.

Whether you're a skilled worker seeking new opportunities or an employer looking to fill critical positions, this update presents an exciting chance to be part of the thriving UK workforce. Emigral is here to assist you every step of the way, providing expert guidance and support in navigating the visa application process.

Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities! Take advantage of the expanded Shortage Occupation list and fulfill your aspirations in the UK. Contact Emigral today and let's make your visa application a seamless and successful journey. 🌟🗺️