Importance to choose the correct SOC

The selection of the correct specific occupational code is of utmost importance when it comes to immigration processes such as the Skilled Worker visa. These occupational codes, also known as SOC codes, are assigned to jobs that meet the visa requirements and play a crucial role in determining the eligibility of an occupation for sponsorship.

The SOC codes provide a standardized classification system that helps in assessing the skill level, minimum salary requirements, and other relevant details for each job. They serve as a reference point for the Home Office to determine whether a particular role meets the necessary criteria for the visa application. It is essential for employers to choose the appropriate SOC code to ensure compliance with visa regulations and avoid potential visa refusals. The list of SOC codes can be found here:

When selecting an SOC code, employers should focus on the actual duties and responsibilities associated with the role, rather than solely relying on the job title. The Home Office assesses applications based on the job description provided, and they may not necessarily rely solely on the stated SOC code. Therefore, it is crucial for sponsors to accurately match the role they are recruiting for with the most relevant SOC code.

Failure to choose the correct SOC code can have significant consequences. If the selected code does not correspond to an eligible occupation under the visa category or if it does not meet the required skill or salary level, the sponsor will be unable to sponsor an individual for that particular role. In such cases, visa applications relying on an ineligible occupation code are likely to be refused.

According to the Section 6.2 Immigration Rules Appendix Skilled Worker, sponsors must choose an appropriate occupation code that aligns with the specific job being offered. The decision maker responsible for processing the application should not have reasonable grounds to believe that the sponsor has selected a less appropriate occupation code for reasons such as the chosen code not being eligible under the Skilled Worker route or having a higher going rate than the proposed salary.

In conclusion, selecting the correct specific occupational code is crucial for employers sponsoring individuals under the Skilled Worker route. The SOC codes serve as a vital tool for assessing visa eligibility, and employers must ensure that the chosen code accurately reflects the nature of the job being offered. By adhering to the correct SOC code, employers can navigate the immigration process smoothly and avoid potential visa refusals.