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Spouse Visa Requirements

The Spouse Visa Requirements

Before we start elaborating on how to apply for a spouse visa, it is also crucial to review the requirements you should comply with. First of all, you should be older than 18 to make this application. Secondly, there is a mandatory Genuine and Subsisting Relationship Test, which we will elaborate on in one of the following sections.

The next requirement relates to marriage and civil partnership. In case you’re applying as a couple in a registered partnership, you will need to be legally married to or in a civil partnership with a UK citizen or person settled in the UK. Make sure that your marriage or civil partnership certificate is accepted in the UK before applying. As for unmarried couples, you will need to have been living together in a relationship akin to marriage for at least two years . Another point relates to the accommodation requirements, which oblige you to provide the corresponding documents during the application. Depending on where you have been living

prior to the application, you may also be required to undergo a medical test to demonstrate you are free of tuberculosis.

If you are applying from within the UK, there is an additional requirement of current immigration status, which requires that you are not in breach of UK immigration laws and your current visa is valid for over 6 months.

There are two other Eligibility requirements you should comply with: the financial requirements and the English language requirement for a spouse visa. The English language requirement can be met by citizenship of a majority English speaking country or an academic degree taught in English. Otherwise, this is normally met through a test completed via an approved provider. If applying for the first time, this test is required to be passed at least level CEFR A1. For IELTS, this is a score of at least 4.0 points. As for the spouse visa financial requirements, we will have a separate section for them further on.

A further requirement of Suitability applies, which considers matters related to your good character, conduct and associations, such as any previous criminal records, immigration history or various other matters.

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The Sponsorship Letter

The sponsor is your partner whose input will be needed throughout the application process. A part of their responsibilities relates to writing a sponsorship letter with details of your relationship that should match the ones stated in the applicant’s documents as well as some documents of the sponsor. The required details include information on where and how they met you and an overview of your relationship.

The list of documents the sponsor is required to share may include, among other things, their payslips, employment contract, letter from their employer, their latest P60 form, marriage certificate, bank statements, and their passport. A marriage certificate is not necessary for unmarried long-term couples who have been living together for at least two years.

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The Genuine Relationship Test

While many of the other requirements are very specific and objective, the Genuine Relationship Test is one part of the process which is not. As its name implies, this test is designed to ensure that your relationship with your partner is genuine. Each application here is reviewed individually, meaning the decisions may vary a lot for different people.

For this test, you will need to prepare some evidence that would prove your relationship is real. There are no specific requirements, except for the proof that you have met with the

associated person at least once. Other documents may include travel itineraries, correspondence, cohabitation proof, birth certificates of children, and others.

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The Financial Requirements

As you already know from our checklist, you will need to comply with some financial requirements for a spouse visa. The requirements for a spouse visa normally include the applicant’s partner earning at least £18,600 annually. In case the couple has children, the requirements are increased to £22,400 for the first child and then by an additional £2,400 per child. Alternatively, in case your partner does not have sufficient income, you may be able to rely on holding sufficient savings to cover two and a half years of living expenses.

The source of income does not necessarily have to be related to employment. For example,

self-employed people or stock market investors are also eligible to apply for a spouse visa. However, the source of income has to be legal and provable.

There is an exemption from the income or savings threshold in case your partner is receiving certain benefits in the UK, for example those related to a disability or caring for a person with a disability. In such cases, you would still need to show that your partner can adequately

support and accommodate you.

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The UK Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements

The accommodation requirements are designed to prove that your residency will be adequate. The UK government has to know that you will have a proper place to live prepared beforehand. Thus, the settled person has to find a property that would suit your couple and prepare all the corresponding documents for you to obtain a spouse visa.

The list of such documents to provide may include a rental agreement or contract for the property and a letter from the landlord to confirm you are both allowed to live there. You may also choose to provide an official description of the accommodation, photos that prove the number of rooms stated in your application, and documents that prove the property has already been paid for or that the couple can afford to pay for it. It is important to keep in mind that the requirements are a bit stricter for couples with children and are adjusted depending on the number of children you have.

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Immigration Lawyer
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